• Worms wins NPS New Arrivals Award

    December 14 2007


    Worms entered and won the 7th round of the online NPS new arrivals competition!

  • Presentation at Gnomon

    December 13 2007

    During my stay at Gnomon, I gave a one hour presentation of my work and answered questions from the audience.

  • Worms – milestone on Youtube

    December 1 2007


    Worms received 100.000+ views in it’s first 1,5 month on Youtube.
    Meanwhile my 3 videos sailed past the 1.5 million views milestone.

  • Worms featured in Stash Magazine

    December 1 2007

    Worms is featured in the December issue (# 39) of Stash DVD Magazine

  • Interview de stad Tiel (Dutch)

    November 21 2007

  • Recording Gnomon DVDs for Worms

    November 17 2007


    Early November, I was invited to come back to Gnomon, School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, to record a 4-DVD-set covering the entire making of Worms.
    The exclusive box will be available fall 2008.

  • Worms voted Clip of the Month

    November 1 2007

    Worms was reviewed as Clip of the Month in the Dutch music magazine Music Maker.

  • Presentation At Playgrounds Festival

    October 19 2007


    I will give a presentation at the 2007 edition of Playgrounds Festival covering my past works and a making of Worms.

  • 1 million views on Youtube!

    October 10 2007


    After Duet and Swim both topped YouTube.com they received a combined total of one million views! Worms found it’s way to YouTube too, starting on the homepage of YouTube.nl!

  • Worms – now online

    October 8 2007

    Worms, my first music video for singer Lolly Jane Blue is finally online!

  • Worms Premiere

    October 4 2007

    The Premiere of Worms will be held in Arnhem on October 4th at the Bartokzaal at 20:30 h.
    Lolly Jane Blue will perform live, followed by the Video Premiere of Worms.

  • Duet on Youtube homepage

    October 4 2007


    Following Swim, now Duet hit the top spot of the international YouTube homepage!
    400.000 views and counting!

  • Worms at Amsterdam Underground

    September 29 2007

    Worms is finished! The video will Pre-Premiere at Amsterdam Underground Festival.
    Singer Lolly Jane Blue will perform live just before midnight, the video will pre-premiere immediately afterwards! Don’t miss it!

  • Artwork for Onesize

    July 1 2007

    For Dutch motion design studio OneSize I build a CG set. Aiming for a stylistic look, the completely digital set still had to look photo realistic, that’s why there are wires and strings. I was not involved in the concept or the design of the shapes.

  • New Photos For Lolly Jane Blue

    May 15 2007

    Photography by me
    Costume / Hair by Djovrie Krus
    Drawings by Anouk de Groot

  • Interview Siouxwire

    May 12 2007
  • Swim on Youtube homepage

    April 7 2007


    Suddenly, Swim was on top of the Youtube homepage. For about a week it rained comments and emails. In the next months, Swim also featured on Dailymotion.com, Revver.com and Veoh.com. Additionally, Swim still enjoys festival-plays around the globe.

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