In 2005, Sil van der Woerd finished his study Fine Arts (Cum Laud) at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At the Institute, Sil started using film and mixed new media, live action and dominant soundtracks to express his fictitious, atmospheric worlds. His short films Duet and Swim started to gain public attention, brought home several awards and nominations, and collected millions of views on YouTube. Sil won the ArtEZ Academy Prize for Best Graduating student. After his study, Sil completed a study at Gnomon, School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Sil exhibited the new techniques he learned in his award winning music video Worms for singer Jane Blue and the Hunters. In 2008, Sil was invited back to Gnomon – this time as artist in residence – to complete his second music video for Lolly Jane Blue titled White Swan.
In 2010 Sil received his 10th video award from the hands of Rutger Hauer and Anton Corbijn. In 2011, Sil and Rutger co-directed the short film Requiem 2019. The film was staff-picked on Vimeo where it received 650.000+ views. Commercially, Sil signed with Digital Domain’s Mothership (US), and SuperGoober (UK), for which directs commercial projects. In the Netherlands, Sil continues his long-time collaboration with production company Oak Motion Pictures, with whom he made music video Tommy’s Theme for Noisia, which was Vimeo staff picked and received 3.5 million+ views on YouTube, and music video Next Order for Dog Blood, a Skrillex & Boysnoize collaboration.
Currently, Sil & Oak Motion Pictures prepare for his upcoming short film Mirage which will be shot in April 2016 and features Rutger Hauer. Sil is currently completing the screenplay of his first feature film.