• Status Quo Interview about Tommy’s Theme video

    July 21 2015

    “I was very surprised, and grateful when Sil Van Der Woerd wrote back personally and agreed to answer my questions on his music video Tommy’s Theme.
    I was even more amazed when I received those answers as they were more insightful then I could have hoped for. So, here to answer all of those questions about the video, and the man himself, I present you with the questions and answers we sent out in relation to Tommy’s Theme.”

    H Tiggs – Status Quo

    Read the full interview here

  • Tommy’s Theme HITS 3MIL views on YouTube

    June 1 2015

    And counting!

  • Requiem 2019 wins in Croatia!

    June 12 2014

    Requiem 2019 just won Best Film at the official selection of the Sisak Eco Film Festival in Croatia!

  • Vimeo On Demand

    March 17 2014

    Finally all music videos by Jane Blue and the Hunters are bundled up nicely and we officially released the collection today!
    Hop over to: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/janeblueandthehunters
    The collection includes 6 music videos and 4 concert visuals. For you forever to keep.

  • Requiem 2019 wins Best Music Award

    September 16 2013

    Requiem 2019 won Best Music at San GiĆ³ Videofestival in Verona, Italy. Congratulations Lolly Jane Blue!

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